Liberato ‘Levi’ Bautista
Assistant General Secretary for United Nations Ministry of the United Methodists General Board of Church and Society

Leevin Camacho
We are Guahan

John Feffer
Institute for Policy Studies

Dr. Joseph Gerson
American Friends Service Committee – Peace & Economic Security Program
Read featured articles by Joseph Gerson



Subrata Ghoshroy

Mark Harrison
United Methodists

Christine Hong
UC Santa Cruz
The Aalliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea
The National Campaign to End the Korean War
The Korea Policy Institute


Kyle Kajihiro
Board Member – Hawai’i Peace and Justice
Member – DMZ-Hawai’i/Aloha ‘Aina



Terri Keko’olani
MZ Aloha ‘Aina
Ohana Koa
Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific
International Women’s Network Against Militarism
Pua Mohala I Ka Po

Peter Kuznick
American University




Judith LeBlanc
Peace Action

Hyun Lee

Andy Lichterman
Western States Legal Foundation

Ramsay Liem
Boston College




Kevin Martin
Peace Action

Stephen McNeil
American Friends Service Committee

Yuchi Moroi
Temple University

Nguyet Nguyen
American University

Satoko Norimatsu
Peace Philosophy Centre – Vancouver, Canada



Koohan Paik
Read featured articles by Koohan Paik

Sophie Quinn-Judge
Temple University

Tim Shorrock
Investigative Journalist

Alice Slater
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

David Vine
Read featured articles by David Vine

Arnie Saiki
Moana Nui

Carol Urner
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Sofia Wolman
American Friends Service Committee

Read statements and published works by participants in the Working Group


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  • ray arancon says:

    I recently read the article written by J. Gerson about the USA Asia-Pacific Hegemony strategy, Sept. 15, 2012. The information that I pass to you is directly connected to the said article. It has profound ramifications regarding USA hegemony goals in the Pacific. It will put a solid halt to it. One of your members should be abreast of this information, I am surprised. Dr. Keanu Sai, Phd., has filed recently a UN Protest and Demand in the UN General Assembly with the President, Secretary of the G77 and Secretary of the Council of Presidents. READ IT and you will find a direct link to your organizations goals….. It concerns the illegal occupation of the Kingdom of Hawaii for over 108 years by the USA since the Spanish American War. Go to: UN Protest and Demand
    List of Annexes

    I hope it contributes to your goals of peace, justice and truth………

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